HD 1080P Camera Glasses

HD 1080P Camera Glasses

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The HD 1080P Camera Glasses is a versatile wearable technology offering seamless 1080P video recording and photography. Lightweight, comfortable, and designed for user-friendly operation, it's perfect for class, conference, travel, and other outdoor activities—32 GB Micro SD card included.

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The HD 1080P Camera Glasses redefine what eyewear can do. This high-tech accessory is equipped with a 1920*1080P high-definition camera, allowing you to record videos or take photos discreetly and efficiently. The glasses frame is light and sturdy ABS plastic, ensuring they are comfortable to wear for extended periods.

Operation is straightforward, thanks to a user-friendly button on the frame for starting video recording or capturing photos. File transfer is also simple and direct—connect the glasses to your computer with the included USB cable or use a card reader.

The glasses support a maximum of 32GB Micro SD card (included) and employ a loop recording feature that overwrites the oldest videos when the card reaches capacity. Additionally, a time stamp feature helps you keep track of recording times for all your videos and images.

The built-in rechargeable battery allows up to 90 minutes of continuous recording after a full charge, typically taking 2-3 hours. However, we recommend a 4-hour charge for optimum performance for the initial use.

We stand behind our HD 1080P Camera Glasses, offering dedicated customer service and a free replacement policy. If you encounter any issues or concerns about your purchase, our team is ready to assist. With this product, capturing high-quality video and images has never been more convenient.

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