HD Slim & Light Video Spy Pen

HD Slim & Light Video Spy Pen

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$229.00 each

Product Number:  620

This digital video recorder has a HD recording resolution (720P) and can be set to Motion Activation.

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This is our featured video spy pen. It is simple to use, while having the latest techincal specs of any other pens. It records in 1280x720p video (HD) and can be set to motion activation for easy recording. This pen also comes with a 16GB SD Card.

- Digital Camcorder
- HD(720P) Video Recording (Resolution : 1280 × 720)
- Motion Detection Recording
- Covert & Spy Video Recording (LED off during Recording)
- High Quality Video & Audio Recording
- One-touch Quick Video Recording
- Shot Date & Time Indication in Playback
- Direct Saving & Playback by USB connection
- Safe Automatic File Splitting(per 10 min.) & Saving
- Memory Type : Micro SD Card for Easy Scalability
(Micro SD card more than 64GB can be played back on Windows VISTA SP1 & above)
- Battery Life Time : 1 hour in Continuous Recording 3.5 hours in using External Battery Pack
- Battery Type : Rechargeable Lithium Polymer (160 mA)
- Battery Charging Time : 1.5 hours
- Battery Remains LED Indication
- External Power Supply(PC USB, AC Adaptor) supported for long-time recording
- PC O/S : Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 supported

Video Recording Time :
-2 hours/16GB
-4 hours/32GB
-8 hours/64GB
-16 hours/128GB

Video :
-Format - MJPG
-Bit rate - 16.4Mbps
-Display aspect ratio - 16: 9
-Frame rate - Max 30fps

Audio :
-Format - Microsoft PCM
-Bit rate - 128Kbps
-Channel : 1
-Sampling rate - 8000 Hz

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