HD Video Stick

HD Video Stick

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$229.00 each

Product Number:  623

Advanced HD USB Audio/Video Camcorder w/ Motion Activation & 10 Hour Battery Pack. Comes with 16GB SD Card

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The HD Video Stick is the world's first USB camcorder with a battery that can last up to 10 hours on a single charge with the included battery pack. This amazing spy gadget is a video and audio recording camera that has HD 720P recording resolution to produce crisp and clear videos. Has motion detection recording so during playback you are only watching movement and not dead activity. Covert for stationary recording, can be used as a body camera & room surveillance. Unit's LED lights turn off while in the record state for covert operations. What's also cool about this device is that it has a 0∼90 degree swivel camera lens so you can manually adjust your viewing angle while the camera sits in one spot. All videos are time/date stamped for evidence gathering purposes. Playback the video on your PC with its built-in USB. Store music, files and other important data. 

- World's Longest Battery Life Time (max 10 hours) Hidden Camera Recorder
- HD(720P) Video Recording (Resolution : 1280 × 720)
- Motion Detection Recording
- Covert & Spy Video Recording & Body-worn & Room Surveillance (LED off in Recording)
- Camera Lens supports 0~90° rotation for vertical or horizontal recording
- High Quality Video & Audio Recording
- One-Step Quick Video Recording
- Shot Date & Time Indication in Playback
- USB terminal is built-in and Direct Saving & Playback on PC
- Safe Automatic File Splitting(per 10 min.) & Saving
- Memory Type : Micro SD Card for easy Scalability up to 128GB
- Video Recording Time : 2 hours/16GB, 4 hours/32GB, 8 hours/64GB, 16 hours/128GB
- Battery life time : continuous recording mode - 2 hours / internal battery / 5 hours / internal + external battery pack
motion detection recording mode (Standby recording time) - max 4 hour / internal battery
max 10 hours / internal + external battery pack
- Battery Type : Rechargeable Lithium Polymer (320 mA) / Battery Charging Time : 2 hours
- Battery Remains LED Indication
- External Power Supply(PC USB, AC Adaptor) for long-time recording & room surveilance
- Power consumption in recording stop : 0 Watt

System Compatibility:
- PC O/S : Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 supported
- PC Interface : USB2.0 High Speed Transfer(Auto Plug-in & Play)

- 16GB Micro SD
- Instruction Manual
- Battery Pack

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