Law Enforcement Black Box Recorder

Law Enforcement Black Box Recorder

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$299.00 each

Product Number:  734

This product has a very sensitive microphone that can pick up sounds in a 10 meter (30 ft) radius.

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Exceptional endurance statistics, deployment possibilities, and other features set the Law Enforcement Black Box Recorder apart from our other spy voice recorders making it the perfect stand-alone audio recording solution for a room, inside a car, or other vehicles.

Easy to Operate - Deploy Inside a Vehicle

his black box device is extremely simple to use in every way. After giving the internal lithium battery a charge, it is simply a one-switch operation to set the device recording before deploying it into your chosen situation. The Black Box Recorder has the option of powerful magnets being attached, which, for example, makes it ideal for attaching to the metal framework on the underside of a car seat or maybe an office desk.

Voice Activation - Large Storage Capacity

When not recording the unit draws very little power from the battery, which means that essentially it can remain powered in standby mode for over 76 days! However, when the device is actually recording it takes far more power, but still is able to record for nearly 72 hours before it requires a recharge. With voice activation as standard, this means that when placed in an environment where there is only a matter of maybe 2 hours of so noise during a day, the recorder could remain active for possibly weeks if required. Add onto all of this the fact that the Black Box Recorder has a superb 144 hour (4GB) recording memory and it is easy to see why we regard this as possibly the best stand-alone recorder available. Each time the device's microphone picks up a sound, a recording will start and will stop and save the file when there is no noise for at least a minute. It should be noted that the operating system of course cannot distinguish between a human voice, sound from a TV or car stereo, or even road noise from a vehicle on the move.

Discreet Operation - Sensitive Microphone

This product has a very sensitive microphone that can pick up sounds in a 10 meter (30 ft) radius. When activated it does not give any audible indication of the secret recording taking place, so it is totally discreet in operation. Offloading audio recordings is very easy. There is no special software required. It is simply a matter of connecting the unit to your computer using the supplied USB lead and then the sound files can be played back through the computer speakers using the computer media player.


Contains time and date
Black Box long term recording solution manufactured in the UK
Perfect for discreet deployment in a variety of circumstances
Voice (sound) activation as standard
Very high quality audio recording capability with auto level control
Records at MP3 format at rate of 64Kbps
Incredible standby time of over 76 days (that's 2.5 months!)
Impressive recording mode battery life of up to 72 hours
Audio recording memory capacity of 288 hours (8GB)
Sensitive microphone with up to 10 metre (33 feet) sound pick up radius
Discreet LED light shows for two seconds when recording is activated
In-built lithium battery - Charge time of 4 hours (LED indicator showing charge status)
Optional magnets ideally suited firmly to attaching the device to steel objects
Optional extended microphone version available with or without magnets
Dimensions: 66mm (80mm including switch) x 30 x 19mm (24mm with magnets option)
Compatible with Windows and Mac computers - No special software required
Ideal for long term room surveillance or covert deployment as a room or car bug

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