Military Grade Walkie Talkie

Military Grade Walkie Talkie

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$389.00 each

Product Number:  342

Price is for a pair of devices.

  • Description
  • Technical Specifications

Frequency Ranges
VLF Band    20-400 KHz
RF Band    

The price listed is for both Walkie Talkies.
Supports up to 128 memory channels, Double channels watch, Receive FM radio, Scrambler, Frequency range: 136-174MHz (2 pcs in one packaging , the price is for 2 pcs)

 Frequency Range 136―174MHz

2) Working Temperate -20℃―+50℃

 Operating Voltage DC 7.2V

 Operate Mode Simplex or Semi-duplex

 Dimension 100mm×55mm×32mm (Not included Antenna)

 Weight 220g (Including battery)

 Antenna impedance 50Ω

 Scan function with all channels scan and priority channel scan; 

 Three color LCD backlight display; 

 Emergency ANI call; 

Programmable by PC; 

 Adjust power Hi/Low by keypad or PC software; 

 Adjust squelch 0-9; 

 Busy channel lockout; 
 Keypad lock 

19) Time-out Timer 

 Reverse frequency function; 

 Channel step 5, 10, 6.25, 12.5 and 25K; 

 Receive FM radio; 

23) Scrambler; 

 Voice annunciation; 

 Hi: 4 to 5W, Low: 0.5 to 1W Output power; 

 Built-in 50 CTCSS and 104 DCS; 

 Various frequency band available 

 PTT ID display 

 PC software disables frequency input 

 Kill and unkill by DTMF code

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