Motion-Activated AC Adapter DVR

Motion-Activated AC Adapter DVR

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$299.00 each

Product Number:  380

Motion-Activated AC Adapter DVR

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This high-grade covert camera has a DVR built right into the unit, and is motion activated! To operate, simply insert an SD card, and plug it into any working electrical AC outlet, and the DVR250 instantly starts recording as soon as motion is detected! 

Since the unit runs off AC power, there are no battery life concerns! Just plug it in, and let it record! When you are ready to retrieve the video, just remove the SD card, and you can play back the files on your PC 

- Normal looking AC adapter
- Built in DVR and camera
- Powered by AC outlet - no batteries needed!
- Amazing 720x480 resolution @ 30fps
- Takes up to a 16GB SD card
- 1 hr per GB recording

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