Motion Detection Clock (Hidden Spy Camera)

Motion Detection Clock (Hidden Spy Camera)

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$99.00 each

Product Number:  377

This is not only a normal clock but a motion detection hidden spy camera DVR clock with external TF card memory.

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This is not only a normal clock but a motion detection hidden spy camera DVR clock with external TF card memory and a new high-tech multi-functional product integrating video recording, sound recording, network viewing, electronic alarming clock, and storage.  This motion detection hidden spy camera Clock includes a high-capacity rechargeable battery, which can provide continuous video recording for over 12 hours of video and audio.
Hidden Clock Camera Features:

Hidden Clock Camera Features:

    * HD 30 fps (640x480) remote video monitoring clock
    * Supports up to a 32GB Micro SD Card
    * Records 40 min video per 1 GB memory
    * Clock functions as video recorder, sound recorder, motion sensor camera, alarm clock, and media storage
    * Powered by High Capacity rechargeable battery
    * Pixels: 2million CMOS
    * Resolution: VGA 640*480
    * Video format: AVI
    * Frame number: 30 fps
    * Visual angle: 72 degrees
    * Photo format: JPEG 1600*1200
    * Min lightness: I LUX
    * Battery capacity: 2200 mA
    * Continuous video recording battery duration: 12 hours
    * Distance of remote controller: 18m
    * Sound recording scope: 40 Square Meters
    * Power consumption: 130mA at 3.7V
    * Memory card type: TF card (4 GB memory card included)
    * Playing software: Media player/KM Player
    * Equivalent USB interface: USB1.1/2.0
    * Operation system: Windows 2000/xp/Vista32
    * Storage consumption: 1GB/40 minutes
    * Charging time: About 4 hours


Colors may vary.

Hidden Clock Camera Functions:

    * 5 key operations: HR,MIN,SET,LIGHT,and TALK/SNZ
    * time display can shift from 12 hours to 24 hours.
    * Multiple alarming sounds for option: beep, cock crowing, and five songs.
    * The alarming clock has a lazy mode and the time interval is 10 minutes;  the alarming times can reach 6 at most.
    * Two optional hourly chime functions.
    * Beep sound of the alarm clock get louder from slight to medium, and then from medium to loud, the whole duration can last for 1 minute

Hidden Clock Camera Includes:

Hidden Clock Camera Includes:

    * 1 Multifunction Clock Motion Dection Camera
    * 1 4GB SD card
    * 1 CD (not needed for video playback)
    * 1 USB data cable
    * 1 Power supply for charging
    * 1 User manual

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