Motion Detector Camera

Motion Detector Camera

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$179.00 each

Product Number:  379

Easy To Operate (2 Click And The Camera Starts Recording)

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Features :


- Easy To Operate (2 Click And The Camera Starts Recording)
- Easily Connected To The Computer To View The Recording
- Offers Both Video And Audio Recording
- Really Small camera


Capacity :


Mini Hidden Camera (Color) With Audio. The Battery Have A 2 Hours Record Time and 10 hours in standby mode. For Each 1 GB Of Memory, The Camera Can Record For 40 Minutes. A 2 GB MicroSD Card Is Included With Your Purchase If You Need Additional Memory Size Please Select It On The Upper Part Of The Page.

1) Battery: 3.7V 
2) Battery capacity: 1200Ma (the battery capacity can increase according to the requirements) 
3) Video format: AVI 
4) Video Resolution: 640x480 
5) Photo Resolution: 1280x960

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