Motorola Professional Radio

Motorola Professional Radio

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$349.00 each

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Motorola Professional Radio

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With adjustable power levels and programmable function controls, the Radius® CP125™ provides users with the flexibility and features they need to succeed. Fully equipped with Voice-Activated Transmission (VOX) capabilities,* the Radius® CP125™ supports hands-free communications via an optional headset—so users can stay connected while focusing on the job at hand.

* Rapid drop-in charging—now you can charge your radio in three
hours with the included drop-in rapid charger.
* Multi-channel capable—four channels allow you to communicate
with separate workgroups.
* High power—5 Watt (VHF)/4 Watt (UHF). Adjustable power levels
help save battery life.

Eight-character alphanumeric display—with user-friendly icons to make information clear and easy to read.

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