Professional Digital Voice Recorder with no battery Drain (256 Hours)

Professional Digital Voice Recorder with no battery Drain (256 Hours)

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$229.00 each

Product Number:  452

Our featured recorder holds 256 hours of audio and can also be used as a telephone recorder.

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This recorder has all the great features of other digital recorders plus four very unique features.

   1. No Battery Drain - When used on your telephone the recorder will power down when you hang up and power up when you pick up conserving battery life

   2. File Recovery Mode - Recover previously recorded files that have been deleted

   3. Sound Amplifier Mode - The recorder can be used as a hearing aid

   4. Stealth Record Mode - The recorder can appear to be turned off when it is actually recording


• Voice activated recording

• USB interface

• Microphone sensitivity adjustment

• Repeated playback

• Quick message search

• Vibration mode for discreet recording

• Time indicator for recording remaining

• All in one menu button

• Earphone allows for hearing aid use

• File search plays first 7 seconds of each file

• Auto power off when not in use

• No Battery Drain works only when connected to a telephone     


• Digital Recorder

• DVR manager CD

• Ear Buds

• Microphone

• USB Cable

• Telephone recording adapter

• Telephone cord

• Lanyard

• 2 AAA batteries

• Instruction book


3 1/2" x 1 1/4" x 3/4"

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