Professional Shotgun Microphone with Amplifier

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Professional Shotgun Microphone with Amplifier

$369.00 each

Item Number:  460


Professional Shotgun Microphone with Amplifier

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This Professional Shotgun Microphone is our most powerful unidirectional microphone system. The 10" microphone is actually two microphones in one. One high power microphone element faces forward to capture sounds that are "aimed" at. The second microphone "cancels" noises coming in from the sides, thereby creating the "extended range" effect. The Professional Shotgun Mic also features a background noise filter switch and an output jack for recording.  Simply the best small sized, long range, outdoor, directional listening device available to the general public in Canada.

Shotgun Micropone Includes:

  • Microphone handle,
  • Camera mount,
  • 1 Watt RMS amplifier (+120Db Gain),
  • Sony digital quality folding headset,
  • 6' tape recorder connector cable,
  • "AA" battery for microphone,
  • 9-Volt Battery for amplifier,
  • slide lock hard carry case.
  • 6 month warranty.