Shot Cube Camera & DVR

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Shot Cube Camera & DVR

$499.00 each

Item Number:  489


Shot Cube Camera & DVR


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24 hours actual record time capacity on an 8Gb micro SD card. Featuring our famous "invisible trap door" technology, a special magnetic "key" is required to open the unit. The CubeCam HC is compact with the black box dimensions only being 3"(W) X 2"(H) X 4"(L). The CubeCam HC blends with most any background, making covert security recording quick and easy. Recordings may be played back directly from CubeCam HC to your TV or Monitor,  or via your PC SD card slot.


  • 21 Day LI Polymer Rechargeable Battery
  • 24 Hours Continuous Record Capacity
  • 30 fps Video @ 320 X 240
  • Up to 8Gb Micro SD Card Compatible
  • MPEG 4 Compression
  • Motion Activated
  • Time/Date Stamped
  • TV Out Port and Cable
  • Camera: CMOS<1 Lux low light rating, 70 Degree AOV