Smoke Detector Covert Camera & DVR

Smoke Detector Covert Camera & DVR

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The Smoke Detector can last up to one year of standby operation, and is completely mobile.

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MADE IN USA- The smoke detector covert camera/DVR! Featuring 6-month standby battery and 2-second start up assure you never miss that important event. A new magnetic mount plate makes for quick and easy access to the detector. Full high definition 1080P @30fps video with NightVision capture amazing detail even in total darkness. Motion-activated real-time video is recorded on a tiny SD card. (up to 128GB ) All recordings are time/date stamped for professional security applications. Every system includes a 32Gb SD card. Records color video by day, and B&W in low light or no light. Very covert! No "Tell Tale" SD Cards glaring out the back or suspicious looking out of place jacks. – Totally hidden SD card. Video may be played back from the unit itself to your TV or SD card removed and played on your PC with included SD USB card reader. IR remote control allows for arm/disarm, system parameter adjustments, and playback. One year warranty and free lifetime tech support

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