Sprinkler Head Covert Camera (Color)

Sprinkler Head Covert Camera (Color)

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$199.00 each

Product Number:  518

Sprinkler Head Covert Camera (Color)

  • Description

The Sprinkler Head Hidden Camera is undetectable in any environment; it blends effortlessly with existing sprinkler heads in your office or apartment.

Perfect for monitoring Employees' productivity at the office, or in apartments, to keep an eye on your valuables when you're not home.

The hardwired sprinkler head camera is the perfect solution for covert video installation in almost any business or industrial environment. The Sprinkler Head Hidden Camera plugs into your standard VCR like any other camera, but the camera itself is undetectable. Providing easy installation in drop ceilings.


    • Keep an eye on show rooms.
    • Secretly monitor activity in any room of your office.
    • Monitor house keeping staff. Business owners can keep an eye on valuable inventory, reduce theft and discipline unproductive employees.
    • Great for interview rooms.
    • Easy to install and operate.

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