Spy Calculator Recorder (Voice Activated)

Spy Calculator Recorder (Voice Activated)

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This is a fully functioning compact desktop style calculator with a built-in sound-activated long-term recording system that is completely concealed.

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This is a fully functioning compact desktop style calculator with a built-in sound-activated long-term recording system that is completely concealed. This product is the ideal audio surveillance solution for home, office or for people ‘on the go.’

Fully Functional Canon Calculator

Maintaining the standard functionality of the calculator is of course of absolute importance, however, the outward appearance of the device must always be preserved as close to the normal standard unit as possible. Here the installation of the recording system within has not had any detrimental effect on either of these considerations. The donor calculator unit is a Canon 10 digit display device with enough standard functionality for everyday calculation requirements and an in-built solar panel to negate the need to change the battery regularly. Compact enough to carry around with you in your bag or briefcase ready for swift deployment.

Voice Activated Recording - Long Battery Life

The high quality voice activated audio recording system is completely concealed within the body of the unit. This is powered from a separate lithium rechargeable battery that can, after a full charge, provide sufficient power for up to 75 days standby time and/or a straight recording time of over 46 hours. Because the recording unit is voice (sound) activated the operating time will invariably be a combination of these two quoted figures. As a result, if the spy calculator was deployed in a room where there was noise for a few hours per day, then the battery would actually be able to keep the audio recorder running for weeks before needing a recharge.

Large Recording Memory

The sensitive microphone is discreetly positioned on the underside of the raised end of the calculator exposed to the outside through a redundant screwhole. A listening radius of up to 10 metres is easily achievable especially in a quiet environment. The recorded sound files are automatically stored on the internal flash memory system that has a capacity of up to 144 hours of recorded audio. On each occasion that the unit makes a sound activated recording, the event is recorded to a separate audio file in the device memory. This makes navigating between different recording events a far simpler task. The recording memory can catalogue up to 999 separate recording events (which may not use the full memory capacity). Each time the device's microphone picks up a sound, a recording will start and will stop and save the file when there is no noise for at least a minute. It should be noted that the operating system of course cannot distinguish between a human voice, sound from a TV or other noises in the environment and so will record all of them as they occur.

Very Discreet Design and Operation

Starting and stopping recording is achieved through a very discreet a pin operated switch accessible from the outside (pin is supplied).When recording is triggered there is no audible or visual indcation whatsoever that audio recording is taking place, so the operation is completely discreet.. Charging the battery and offloading recorded files requires the spy calculator to be opened by unscrewing only four screws (screwdriver supplied). This is a very simple operation and takes a matter of minutes. Because everything is hidden within the calculator recorder gives nothing away and can still be used as an everyday calculator without arousing any suspicion.


Contains Time and Date
Fully functional battery powered Canon desktop calculator with in-built audio recorder
Perfect for discreet deployment at home, in the office or when on the move
Audio recording system functions and is powered separately to the calculator
Recording system is cleverly incorporated in a totally discreet way - no external giveaway lights or audible signals
Voice (sound) activation as standard - no wasted memory space with no audio
Very high quality audio recording capability with auto level control
Records at MP3 format at rate of 64Kbps
Incredible standby time of over 75 days (that's 2.5 months!)
Impressive recording mode battery life of up to 46 hours
Audio recording memory capacity of 288 hours (8GB)
Sensitive microphone with up to 8 metres sound pick up radius
Discreetly placed small hole in side of base giving access to pin operated on / off switch
In-built high capacity lithium polymer battery - Charge time of 4 hours
Calculator external dimensions: 145 x 100 x 33.5mm
Compatible with Windows and Mac computers - No special software required
Perfect for long term room surveillance at home or in the office and for recording meetings

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