Sun-10 ( Hidden video camera )

Sun-10 ( Hidden video camera )

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$349.00 each

Product Number:  532

Sun-10 ( Hidden video camera )

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No "hanging" battery packs required, DVR powered by the most popular pocket DVR models including MP-DVR, PV-500, PV-600, PV-700, PV-800, PV-900 and the MP4/MR. (see pocket DVR's)

*Button camera included, Sunglass camera optionial*

New technology "SWA" CMOS camera equals the resolution and low light rating of CCD cameras but uses a fraction of the power requirement (1/4th). The new CMOS imager offers higher speed, windowing, and antiblooming compensation than CCD cameras, resulting in better overall performance at lower price and power requirement.

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