Ultra Thin Audio Recorder

Ultra Thin Audio Recorder

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$169.00 each

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Experience crystal-clear audio recording with the Ultra Thin Audio Recorder. Compact and versatile, this device is equipped with a voice activation system and high-fidelity PCM recording, perfect for capturing every important sound with outstanding quality.

This is the slimmest audio recorder in the world! Made in Korea and has a built in magnet

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Introducing the Ultra Thin Audio Recorder, your ideal companion for high-quality audio recording in any setting. This compact and versatile recorder is designed to make capturing clear and precise audio easier than ever.

Voice Activation System (VAS/VOX): Equipped with a state-of-the-art voice activation system, the MR-140 ensures you never miss a crucial moment. This intelligent feature automatically starts recording when it detects sound, saving memory and battery life by not recording silence.

High-Fidelity Linear PCM Recording: Boasts a linear PCM recording mode at 705.6 kbps, 16 bit/44.1 KHz, delivering recordings with exceptional clarity and fidelity. Choose between PCM, XHQ, and HQ modes to tailor the recording quality to your specific needs.

Multiple Recording Modes for Versatility:

PCM Mode offers 24-25 hours of use, perfect for professional-grade audio.
XHQ Mode provides 144 hours of recording, suitable for high-quality, extended sessions.
HQ Mode allows for a whopping 288 hours of recording, ideal for longer durations without compromising quality.
Convenient Design and Powerful Battery: With a built-in magnet, the Ultra Thin Audio Recorder can be easily fixed to any metal surface, offering versatility in placement. The integrated Li-polymer battery provides up to 28 hours of recording autonomy, ensuring reliable performance during long sessions.


Voice Activation System (VAS/VOX)
Selectable microphone sensitivity in 3 steps
Built-in Li-polymer battery
Storage: 8 GB
Autonomy: 13 - 15 hours
Dimensions: 23.25 x 38.85 x 5.45 mm
Weight: 9.98 g

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