Universal Microphone Record Adapter

Universal Microphone Record Adapter

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$19.00 each

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Universal Microphone Record Adapter

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Now you can record any conversation using your office, cellular, cordless, home or hotel phones with this unique adapter. Simply plug the adapter into any digital or analog recorder (not included) and put the ear piece in your ear and turn the recorder on, both sides of the conversation are recorded. Now you don't have to worry if the pin adapter fits your cell phone, because this adapter is universal!

This is the perfect accessory for all your digital or analog recorders. Due to the nature and use of this item this is non-returnable.

•    High sensitive earpiece
•    Portable
•    Use with any phone
•    Use with any recorder equipped with a mic input     

•    Telephone recorder earpiece adapter
•    Instructions
•    Recorders sold separately

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