Wi-Fi Adapter Camera

Wi-Fi Adapter Camera

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$449.00 each

Product Number:  663

With the WiFi feature you can control, view and download covert video evidence to your smartphone.

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The new generation Wi-Fi Adapter Camera is a covert video recording studio built into an AC Adapter that has features nothing else in the market has! With 1080p HD resolution, WiFi enabled as well as IP enabled, it's the ultimate in stationary covert video solutions. With the IP feature you can now remotely control covert video operations to your smartphone or tablet anywhere in the world!

With the WiFi feature you can control, view and download covert video evidence to your smartphone. The Wi-Fi Adapter Camera appears as a normal AC adapter with a built in DVR and camera. No battery worries as the AC outlet is powered by it's power plug! This new generation LawMate innovation will record at 1080p or 720p/WVGA @ 30-fps.

You can adjust the resolution you record at! The new generation WiFi enabled Power Adapter Outlet records to are removable micro SD card and supports up to a 32GB card! You can place it and forget the problems associated with other covert video gear with all these new features so be sure to leave your competition in the dust and make sure you have this new generation stationary covert video recorder.

You'll touch, see, feel and end result the covert video difference! Make your stationary covert video surveillance operation by ordering yours today and be the first to use this new technology.

Amazing Features And Specs

• Looks exactly like a normal AC adapter
• Hides In plain sight
• Built in hidden DVR and camera
• Powered by AC outlet - no batteries needed!
• WiFi Enabled- Wirelessly Send To Smartphone/Tablet
• IP Enabled - view from anywhere in the world
• Live Stream Enabled Watch from another location
• Self Recording With No Need For Extra Wires Or Accessories
• Records To Onboard Expandable Micro SC Card
• Takes up to a 32 GB SD card/ 32 Hours Recording time.
• 1080p HD Resolution - Adjust down to 720p
• 30 FPS ( Frames Per Second) - Real Time Full Motion Video
• Motion Activated Recording - No Dead Space When Reviewing Video
• Obtains Power Directly from Your Electrical Outlet - No Need for Batteries
• Angle of View: 78 degrees
• Min LUX: 0.5LUX @ F2.0
• Video Format: MPEG 4 AVI
• Recording Mode: Motion Detection
• Time Date Stamp: yes
• Memory Type: SD card
• PC Interface: Mini USB 2.0
• Size: 2.51" x 2.04" x 1.96"
• Weight: 3.8oz

• AC adapter- WiFi DVR
• Removable dummy power cord
• Micro SD card with SD card adapter
• User Manual

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