WiFi Long Range Audio Recorder

WiFi Long Range Audio Recorder

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Product Number:  976

The Wi-Fi Audio Recorder, 2nd Generation, is an advanced audio security device that offers real-time audio surveillance, notification alerts, and high-quality recording, all without monthly costs, thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity. Miniature in size but mighty in performance, it offers three operational modes, including two power-saving options for prolonged use. 32GB Micro SD card included.

  • Description

This 2nd Generation Wi-Fi Audio Recorder is a game-changer in audio security technology. With Wi-Fi connectivity eliminating the need for a SIM card and monthly fees, this device is convenient and cost-effective.

The recorder features three operational modes, including two power-saving modes, ensuring efficient energy usage for extended standby periods. An external microphone allows versatile use for various scenarios.

Use this device to check live audio feeds day and night, record critical audio information based on set sensitivity, and receive push notifications on your mobile device for optimal security monitoring.

The recorder also ensures high-fidelity sound effects for playback recording, supporting continuous recording even while charging. Its compact, pocket-sized design (10x30x60mm) makes it easily portable.

Setting up the device is a breeze—it pairs via Bluetooth in just six seconds without compatibility issues. Recorded audio files can be downloaded remotely from an SD card or cloud storage to a mobile device.

This audio recorder supports a maximum of 128GB micro SD card, with an audio file size of about 1MB per minute and a recording range of approximately 5 meters. The built-in 3000mA battery charges in around six hours via a USB Type-C port, providing about 37.5 hours of continuous recording time.

Packing List: 1 x Wi-Fi audio recorder 1 x USB cable 1 x User manual 1 x Micro SD card reader 1 x Reset pin 1 x External Microphone

Product Specifications:

Product Size: 9.151.5(CM)
Colour Box Size: 1494.7(CM)
Carton Capacity: 64 units
Carton Size: 423934(CM)
Unit Weight: 0.22(KG)
Carton Weight: 14.88(KG)
Enhanced audio security with the Wi-Fi Audio Recorder is just a tap away. Experience the convenience of real-time audio surveillance and high-quality recording right at your fingertips.

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