Wireless Hidden Earphone

Wireless Hidden Earphone

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These products makes secret communication possible when it is uncomfortable exposing the headphones.

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Mini wireless headset is a micro-mini wireless inductive receiver that transforms the audio signal through electromagnetic induction. These products make secret communication possible when it is uncomfortable exposing the headphones. Earphone is widely used in many departments. Using this device; You can hear the person's voice on the other side, and the person on the other side can also hear your voice.

1) Small, light, easy to conceal; .
2) Work Principle: Mini wireless headset is a one-way receiving device driven by electromagnetic induction and used in conjunction with drive equipment such as radio and telephone
Mobile phone * Structure Mini wireless headset consists of specialized chip, scara, faceplate, battery cover, handle etc.

1) Battery door: battery door open by the fingertip, install the battery perfectly and push the battery cover to the battery box.
2) Handle: Clarity and high strength chain helps to pull the earphone out of the ear canal with ease. * Technical specifications 1) Mini wireless headset (headset 305) receives the signal through the inductive coil, through electromagnetic fields
2) Reception distance: 50 to 70 cm
3) Zinc-Air Battery Rating: Type SONY 337 Life
4) Battery: about 5 hours of bandwidth
5) Audio: from 300 Hz to 4 KHz
6) Distortion: ñlt; 2%
7) Size: 13.2x8x8mm
8) Frequency of work: all frequencies

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