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What is the Best Place to Hide a Camera in my House

December 24th, 2020 | by Spy Store | in Spy Equipment |    0   


Broad debates are happening in our society regarding the issue of privacy in an increasingly watched world. When it comes to your own home, though, you have a right to know what goes on when you’re not around.

What is the Purpose?

There are lots of reasons to opt for hidden home surveillance. Most commonly, it’s to keep an eye on people in your house, such as nannies, cleaners, nurses, or contractors. Or it may be a way of monitoring the kids.

Before anything else, decide on the purpose of the surveillance and which area(s) will be observed.

*It raises ethical problems to use a camera in a situation/place where a person would expect to be entitled to privacy. Cameras should never be placed in a bathroom or someone else’s bedroom.

Find the Right Camera

Many modern cameras on the market are disguised as functional everyday objects that can hide entirely in plain sight. This takes away the effort of hiding a camera, but certain types may look awkward if used in the wrong spot. An alarm clock camera may raise some eyebrows if used in the foyer, for example, and an outlet cam will look strange if placed more than a foot above the floor or counter. Having your camera look out-of-place is counterproductive, so if you buy a camera that mimics an object, make sure it suits your needs.

The Spy’s Option

There are also smaller spy cameras that can be manually hidden. These types aren’t disguised as objects but rely on stealth instead. They are more versatile because they can be used almost anywhere they can be hidden, but require some ingenuity to hide appropriately.

Generally, good spots offer things for the camera to hide behind, such as bookshelves, houseplants, and countertops. Use your surroundings to your advantage. Whatever option you decide on, use your camera responsibly. It can be a useful tool for home security and peace of mind.

Also, keep in mind that if the camera operates through WiFi you can watch what's happening in real time, but there are security risks with WiFi. Cameras that save images to a card will be more secure but you won't be able to see the images in real time. 

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