16 Channel Professional DVR - 2TB, HD.

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16 Channel Professional DVR - 2TB, HD.

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Real-time recording and playback with mobile phone support.

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  • Technical Specifications
    • H.264 Video Compression Technology.
    • Real-time recording and playback.
    • Mobile's multi-monitor support, also emulational mobile phone.
    • Support USB interface for USB mouse, backup, burning, upgrading.
    • The operating system is similar to WINDOWS, which use mouse's right button menu making it easy to use.
    • Network(support DHCP, PPPOE, FTP, DNS, DDNS, NTP, EMAIL, IP permissions, IP searches, Alarm Center, etc. )and a full Matching (WEB, Client, SDK) which are easy to achieve interoperability.
    • Perfect protection circuit, a unique triple watchdog function, and low power consumption.

16 Channel video and 16 channel audio.

2 TB of hard drive included.