4K Tree Stump Camera

4K Tree Stump Camera

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$699.00 each

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Record up to 4K resolution, battery-powered with standby recording up to 90 days.

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Surveillance camouflaged into your landscaping. A tree stump will never look out of place, whether it's decorative or out in the beds or yard. Keep an eye on those tough to see spots. This portable hidden camera technology allows you to move it around until you get the best view without ever looking out of place. Record up to 4K resolution, battery-powered with standby recording up to 90 days.

These HD hidden cameras are equipped with a built-in battery capable of recording 16 straight hours of activity or holding a charge in standby mode for up to 90 days. Plus, with 4K resolution, this is about as real-time video as you can get.

Free from wires, these hidden cameras come in a variety of designs for home and business security and offer the flexibility suited for both indoor and outdoor surveillance. Built-in recording provides portable HD video inside of every DVR system. Select models are supported by the added benefit of night vision recordings.

HD Resolution UP to 4K
Selectable Resolution 4K-720
Adjustable frame rates as high as 120FPS
Indoor/Outdoor Hidden Video Surveillance Systems (select models)
Long-Lasting Rechargeable Battery using PIR Sensor Provide Up To 90 days of Standby (16 hours Continuous record)
Night Vision - Hidden IR Lights Capture Video at Night (select models)
Time/Date Stamped Files
Digital CMOS camera with 2160 Image Censor Provides Crystal Clear Captured Video
Memory Card Recording for Portable, Transferable Storage - up to 128GB
Easy HD Video Playback Now Capable of Playback on Windows, Apple, Android, and Other Platforms
1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
Hidden cameras are recommended for battery operated, longer life security needs. Use these cameras for night or day, indoor or outdoor security for your home or business.

Integrate security into your business' bottom line using hidden cameras. Evidence collection is easier and faster with hidden cameras as most perpetrators won't change their behavior if they can't easily detect the camera. Perfect for monitoring the employee parking area, or longer-term office security needs, inside or outside of the office or building.

Also recommended for long-term home and personal security use. Use around your exterior perimeter or fence line to protect your property. Or use for extended and low-cost interior surveillance of your home or personal property.

Hidden cameras are the perfect solution for long-term hidden camera security at a great value. Now is the time to update your hidden camera inventory.

You can't hide when you don't know it's there, a hidden camera sees everything. Making hidden cameras for more than 2 decades.

Assembles in the USA.

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