Camstick Guardian

Camstick Guardian

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$239.00 each

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Camstick Guardian

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For those of you requiring a small, economical, yet long duration video recording device the CamStick-Guardain, motion-activated camcorder is just the thing.

This small, portable unit comes with a stand that will keep it stable and allow it to be quickly placed almost anywhere. Simple to use, the CamStick-Guardian shuns the need for remotes, menus, and excessive buttons. You turn the unit it on, place it facing the area you want covered and its high end PIR motion sensor does the rest .Infared Illuminators allow for recording in total darkness up to 20 feet.

Even if you're gone for days the CamStick-Guadian is sure to catch anything that happens past its view as it can run for up to 10 days in standby. Micro SD card support up to 32Gb

    * Small portable size

    * Easy use

    * PIR Motion activation

    * Long standby life

    * Auto-overwrite

    * IR Illuminators

    * Auto start/stop of recording - unit will record for 30 seconds upon detecting motion and then shift to standby mode until motion is detected once more. 

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