Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye

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Eagle Eye

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Eagle Eye monitoring software is the perfect tool for anyone concerned with how someone is using their computer. Whether it's your children, employees, or even a significant other, you want to know exactly what's going on to prevent misuse. Eagle Eye monitors everything a user does on a computer including capturing all keystrokes so you can see exactly what they're typing including passwords, chat conversations, web addresses, confidential information, and much more. Eagle Eye also allows you to log every website visited in Internet Explorer (web pages are cached so you can view them offline even if they clear the history). Even more, Eagle Eye logs which programs are used and captures screenshots so you can see exactly what the user sees.

Once logs are captured, Eagle Eye allows you to view logs within the program or have them secretly emailed to you. The unique playback mode allows you to view computer activity in real time so you can play back the user's activity just like you were watching them work on the computer. The scheduler allows you to schedule the times to start and stop monitoring.

Eagle Eye is available on a USB flash drive for quick, portable use or it's available as a download for immediate access to all its features upon purchase.

Easy to Use

    • 1. Install the software from the download link or USB drive
    • 2. Run the software and choose what to monitor and how to log it
    • 3. Logs can be automatically emailed to you or collected by running the program again
    • The users of your computer won't even know their being monitored
      • Your children use your computer when you can't watch everything they're doing
      • Family members are behaving strangely
      • You're concerned about employee productivity or possible intellectual property theft
      • Your children are being cyber-bullied
      • Your facing a legal battle and need evidence

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