Spy Keylogger

Spy Keylogger

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$169.00 each

Product Number:  798

Secretly records everything that’s typed on your computer’s keyboard.

  • Description

Secretly records everything that’s typed on your computer’s keyboard. No setup or software required and records chat conversations, instant messages, passwords and more! Just plug the keylogger to any USB port and plug your keyboard into the back of the keylogger. The device will now start recording to the internal memory where you can store over 2MB! To play back the text simply type in your secret password and the device will display as an external drive where you will view all your recorded text, organized neatly by date and time!

Main Features
Plug and play- no software required
Works with all PC operating systems with USB keyboards
Portable-move it from computer to computer
Data is retained even during system lock-ups and power outages
No software to learn, use in conjunction with programs you already know
Fully undetectable and can store 6,000,000 words worth of data with 2MB internal memory
Perfect solution for auditing computer usage
Package Content
1 × USB Key Logger
1 × User Manual

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