Spy Shelter Anti-Keylogger Software

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Spy Shelter Anti-Keylogger Software

$75.00 each

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Spy Shelter Anti-Keylogger Software

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The PC301 is an anti-keylogger program that proactively detects when any spy program, keylogger, or trojan attempts to log your personal information from your PC. Spy Shelter provides a level of security unmatched by even the most expensive anti-spyware and anti-virus programs.

The program constantly monitors your computer for keylogging attacks, but uses very little system resources, so it will not slow down your PC. Protect your computer today!

System Requirements:

- Intel Pentium 300MHz or higher
- 256MB available RAM
- 50MB free space on hard drive
- CD-ROM drive (for installation)
- Internet connection (required for product activation and product updates)