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Protecting children online is one of the most important services that this surveillance software can offer, as it lets you monitor their internet use unobtrusively. If you suspect that they are visiting websites that are unsuitable, or perhaps chatting online with people who may not be all that they seem, then Spy Sure can give peace of mind by keeping records of all chat messages sent or received.

In addition, all e-mails can be captured and records of any websites visited are also kept. Spysure can also be configured to take screen shots at regular intervals so that you can monitor what is being viewed.
Spysure can also be set up in 'stealth mode' so that no one using the computer that it is installed on will be able to tell that they are being monitored.

Spysure is a reassuring way to keep your children safe online, but it also can let you know if a computer is being used by anyone else for illicit purposes and also offers several options for covert surveillance.

# Internet Monitoring – see every website accessed.
# E-mail Capture – read every e-mail sent or received.
# Keylogger – records every keystroke made on the computer, including passwords.
# Chatroom Monitoring – every chatroom message sent or received using popular programs like Yahoo and MSN can be viewed.
# Internet Blocker– stop access to any websites you choose.
# Screen Capture –instant snapshots of what is being viewed on the screen at any time can be taken.
# Stealth Mode - monitor computer activity secretly

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