Tap Detector

Tap Detector

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Tap Detector

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While many products perform an efficient job of checking for "on premise" telephone recording devices, the patented Comsec C3i-II is the only unit designed specifically for detection of central station or "down line" taps.

Once connected the COMSEC C3I-II continuously detects, reacts and displays an electrical signature pattern of the slightest electrical changes in telephone line impedance which result from signaling and switching equipment, telephone lines and wiretapping equipment connecting and disconnecting on your telephone line.

Remote extension drawn loops are created very easily with REMOBS and similar slave units attached to your telephone line. The COMSEC C3I-II detects remote extension drawn loop wiretapping / electronic surveillance connecting and disconnecting from your telephone line. Continuously protects your Telephone, Fax and Computer Data communications "to a degree never before possible." The COMSEC C3I-II TM is the first and only telephone line security device that can detect electronically isolated remote extension drawn loops; the most sophisticated, threatening and common type of electronic surveillance that other security devices cannot detect. Detect eavesdropping/wiretapping that previously had been undetectable.

Government Agencies and Law Enforcement, catch sophisticated Computer Hackers, competing Government Agencies, Law Enforcement, Telephone Company Employee's, etc. Detect Computer Hackers, Government Agencies, Telephone Company Employees, etc. manipulating the Telephone Company's Central Exchange switching equipment to intercept your Telephones, Fax and Computer dial-up communications.

The COMSEC C3I-II is most effective at detecting wiretaps / eavesdropping at the beginning and ending of a telephone call. At the beginning of a telephone call when someone is calling you watch for a remote extension drawn loop wiretap to seize the line between the cadence ringing, usually between the first and third ring creating a connection reaction.

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